June 17, 2006

An accident (or was it an incident?) occurred to me while walking along Sta Cruz Puro here in Naga City. A shirtless, semi-kalbo fellow called my attention and accused me of bumping his small child. I was totally surprised by this because I could neither remember nor feel hitting a foreign object. The man, small boy in tow, came near me and called me names. He was furious and seemed ready to hit me. And so I did not move, appeared calm and looked for his vital points (so I could settle the matter with one blow). He was thinner and smaller than me, but he was really loud.  

And so I apologized repeatedly, putting my left hand forward as measure (so that I would be able to see where he would strike). I was also thinking of the small boy. He was not even crying but he might just get hurt if his father becomes over-zealous. I would not want that to happen.

I did my best to show him that I was sorry. And of course, this inspired him to call me more names. An old man, seated in a pedicab near us blurted something. I did not catch it but it was addressed to the furious man. It must have meant something to him for he left immediately. Then the old man told me, 'Sige na.'

But I really could not remember bumping anybody. Even then, I gave the man the benefit of the doubt (though he looked very much like a trouble maker) and thought he was just doing what a good father would do for his son. Besides he looked like a tambay, perhaps he was jobless and could not take more. 'Noli me tangere', he must have thought.

However, as a young writer with some vision for the future, I also saw the need to defend my body lest I get killed for some petty reason. And according to the Art of War, avoid direct battle. Use diplomacy. It's easy really, just don't be a hothead. However, according to the PC Games Red Alert II and Yuri's Revenge, diplomacy is but a means to delay the enemy's attack so that you can prepare to put him out. Something to think about when we hear 'peace talks'. 

Sharing the incident with some friends, some Ateneo guards, they opined that he must have been making it up and only wanted to ask for danyos. Maybe, but then, maybe not. And so I asked them to look after me for I would still need to use the same route. I told them that my small bag has a rock inside it–so I could crush his skull with it. Because if he were to attack me now, that's another thing.


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