June 15, 2006

Camilo Villanueva of CCP Literature Division's Ani 32 communicated to us in order to ask for an updated short-bio and an image/electronic graphic, that to us, best depicts the embodiment of the Global Pinoy. We did comply with the said request and sent two images, the 'Hagbayon the Boatman' which is mine, and a brain drain digital picture that I took from a Japanese IT site (I did credit the source).

This led us to realize that we have various versions of the Global Pinoy: The OFWs, Diplomats, Multinationals, scholars and academicians, politicians, and of course, the bloggers.

As writers and cultural workers, bloggers conscious or not, expose Philippine postcoloniality. Blogs are in a way 'locations of cultures' and support regional literature. They must be utilized, therefore, by any self-respecting literary artist.

Classes have started and we think of how the academe can help the nation attain and mantain intellectual, industrial and cultural progress. It should not serve as political tool or business franchise doomed under the meshwork of beureaucracy. It must fuel academic freedom and not suppress it. It must not strive to turn its Filipino students into second-class Americans with Western intellectual and cultural predisposition.

Now we have so many nursing schools because the current trend favors it.
When will we prioritize courses that are needed not by foreign countries but by us?


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